About Us

Lead Wallet is a product of Lead Cyber Services Limited. As a client-focused company, we believe that it is always difficult to scale without an excellent service for the needs of clients, doesn't matter how good the tech is. That is why we at Lead Cyber Services Limited are focused on delivering excellent user experience and a world class customer support system that focuses on ensuring that user (organization or individual) is satisfied with our products and services.
At the core of everything we do, we strive to ensure easy-to-use products and services, safety, and transparency at all times.

Lead Wallet is a decentralized multi-cryptocurrency application based on the Andriod and IOS platforms. As a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, its users will be able to control how they spend, store, and organize their funds. In addition, the wallet allows users to spend, swap, exchange and stake their cryptocurrency directly from the Lead Wallet interface via a very short execution process.

It's also important to know that LEAD token will be a cross-chain token in the future and won't be just part of the Ethereum ecosystem.