1st July 2021


Dear LEADers,

From July to the beginning of August, all of those weeks have been quite a blessing for our project. The main announcement obviously comes from the fact that we have finally replaced our Lead Wallet BETA application with the mainnet app on Google Play Store. Here is the full list of what has been happening in the past one month

CNETv Blockchain Discussion Featuring Lead Wallet CEO

Lead Wallet CEO, Francis Obasi was invited to CNETv blockchain and fintech discussion which also involved other names in the industry. This event was proof that Lead Wallet has been growing and widely recognized in the wider blockchain industry.

More about it here

Crypto-to-Crypto Swap and Fiat Purchase

One of the biggest updates is definitely the huge upgrade to our Swap features. As for now, our crypto-to-crypto swap is integrating services from Kyber Network and ChangeNow.

Meanwhile, we also allow our users to buy crypto directly from fiat thanks to our partnership with Transak. In the future, we will keep improving our Swap features which will be even cooler than what it is right now.

Play Store and App Store Mainnet Launch

Our biggest update of the month is obviously this one. We have replaced our beta app with our mainnet version. You can download it directly from here

Our mainnet launch is so much better than our previous beta version and it is improving daily. We are continuously fixing bugs and improving features. You can expect even much better version in the near future. Keep LEAD-ing!