Lead Token Transparency Report

To our esteemed Lead Community and the entire crypto community at large,

The Lead wallet project has had an amazing blaze in the past months upon going public with its ambitious idea, and token sale effort. Because we value the crypto community and we hold transparency and honesty as part of our core values, we have decided to remain 100% accountable to the community on Lead token distribution so that anyone can easily view and analyze our activities. With a total supply of one Billion (1,000,000,000) Lead token, the token distribution has been disbursed accordingly into the addresses highlighted below based on the tokenomics specified in the Lead Wallet white paper:

Product Development Token Allocation: 80 Million Lead Token (8% of total supply).

Designated Address: 0xA8E06CABc30cC4A8f42ADDB461458047Fd9ef59F

Marketing Token Allocation: 55 Million Lead Token (5.5% of total supply).

Designated Address: 0xd5Bbaf0C63996e142f6c539e77dE28F8E363c2c3 

Public Sale Token Allocation: 75 Million Lead Token (7.5% of total supply).

Designated Address: 0x35Ae15dCEB6930756A59EfcC2169d2b834CdD371 

Private Sale Token Allocation: 325 Million Lead Token (32.5% of total supply).

Designated Address: 0x372582b0290cab3fcEb009A0F3869D50a00276D2 

Advisers and Partners’ Token Allocation: 30 Million Lead Token (3% of total supply).

Designated Address: 0x9Ed84407e5ed5B7c0323E5653A06F4528357e3B5 

Team Token Allocation: 15 Million Lead Token (15% of total supply).

Designated Address: 0xdC0a1FC5a3180D179553a8cc10eaeA55A362B1d1 

Staking Rewards Token Allocation: 285 Million Lead Token (28.5% of total supply). 

Designated Address: 0xbd91974dAC1BCA70Ee3658533F17385530f3a6F7

We will continue to update this transparency blog article as time goes on with changes that arise in token allocation and redistribution. We believe in transparency to the crypto community. Hence we are committed to Lead transparently.