Lead Wallet Partners QuillAudits: A Blockchain Development And Security Firm

On behalf of the entire Lead Wallet team we are proud to announce that we’ve successfully sealed a mutually beneficial partnership deal with QuillAudits, the smart contract and blockchain security arm of Quillhash. Following this new partnership, the Lead Wallet team will from time to time work with the QuillAudits team to help ensure that Lead token smart contract meets the maximum security level need for a smart contract. In addition, we will consult the services of QuillAudits whenever necessary for Lead Wallet application security and testing.

About QuillAudits

QuillAudits is the blockchain and smart contract auditing arm of Quillhash Technologies. Quillhash Technologies is a blockchain enterprise production studio that explores and builds products and services in Blockchain to improve current services and concepts. They also build new ways in which we engage with technology and others. Quillhash tries to build an ecosystem of consumer-centric products and enterprise solutions using blockchain technologies. They stay on the cutting edge of each service they provide, from Private and Public Blockchain technology platforms, Smart contract audits and token sale platforms. The company has been crunching tech and blockchain problems for the past two years and counting.

We at Lead are confident that this new partnership will play a vital role in helping us deliver a flawless user-friendly wallet application in the months to come.