02 MARCH 2021


Dear LEADers,

We are delighted to write about the events of the just concluded month of March in order to present our progress so far to the community. It has been an amazing month as the first quarter of 2021 bows out


In the second week of March, we announced the staking pair of $LEAD / $BNB on Julswap, where stakers could earn $Juld for providing liquidity. However, this was not the end game as we had been developing the V1 and V2 of our Staking DApp to accommodate our ERC20 & BEP20 $LEAD token holders, and the V1 BEP20 $LEAD staking is live! At the moment, we have a combined figure of about 39.5% of the circulating supply staked in both ERC20 & BEP20 V1 DApp!


The month of March saw the Lead token listed on Centralized exchanges for the first time since launching out on Uniswap, and this helped the project gain more exposure, new community members, and many more HODLers.


With the LEAD/USDT pair listed on hotbit, our supporters now have the added advantage of variety/options with more pairs to suit their convenience!


LEAD/USDT pair was also listed on MXC exchange, one of the most popular exchanges around, and this time, the Binance smart chain version of our token was prioritized as members of our community needed an option for lower gas fees when trading.

Listing on these exchanges has proven to be a good step in the right direction, and we will continue to work towards the growth of our token alongside our product development.


We have continued to forge meaningful, as well as mutually beneficial relationships with many other big projects within and outside the crypto space in order to enhance our goal of being the Wallet of the Future. On that note, we are glad to announce that DaoMaker (https://daomaker.com) has formed a strategic partnership with Lead Wallet and we are now one of the official wallets for storing, sending, and receiving $DAO tokens. We have also formed a strategic partnership with a huge NFT project which will enable our supporters to claim real-life renditions of rare NFTs/Merch from our wallet in the near future. More details would be released as the weeks


We have made amazing progress as our Beta App now has some important bugs fixed which include;
  • Support for BEP20 Tokens
  • Fixed BTC private key display error
  • Add Default support for XEND, ATD, and LEAD BEP20 Token
The development of our IOS and Android Mainnet apps is also on track to be deployed with the new, amazing design and architecture, and we are confident the world would be delighted when we unveil the mainnet version of our apps, with most features fully functional!

As always, we are delighted by the massive support we receive from the community and we urge you to keep the support strong while we strive tirelessly to make Lead Wallet a household name on this journey of becoming the wallet of the future.

Thank You!