02 May 2021


Dear LEADers,

As usual, we are happy to inform you that we have the newest community update. We are getting closer than before to our mainnet app and we also have other important updates that have happened in the month of May:

SAFT Token Distribution

$SAFT Token has been distributed to all eligible participants. You can check the transaction details for the 250k $SAFT distribution below.
Congratulations to all the winners. More #LHO loading! bscscan.com

AMA With Boson Protocol

On May 21, we also co-hosted an AMA session with Boson Protocol. Our executive, Chianakwalam Eliezer was in the AMA session alongside important figures such as Boson Protocol’s Alastair Band and Jonas Seiferth. $500 in $BOSON was distributed to AMA participants

Staking Fee And APY Changes

Another important update was when we decided to change our staking fees. Registration fee was changed to 200 LEAD, staking fee was changed to 0.1%, and unstaking fee was changed to 0.3%. Minimum stake has become 1000 LEAD.
The APY was also changed from 54.75% to 10.95%. This is to ensure our token price’s sustainability, especially with the upcoming mainnet launch.
We feel very excited to welcome the month of June to our future. Subscribe to our ANN channel here to receive all the latest updates!