LEAD Token

LEAD Token is an ERC-20 token that fuels the products and services that are delivered on Lead Wallet. With this, LEAD token is basically the heart of the Lead Wallet app. LEAD token is designed from the ground up to have natural demand as the services of Lead Wallet themselves get more popular. It's also important to know that LEAD token will be a cross-chain tokenin the future and won't be just part of the Ethereum ecosystem.

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Why LEAD Token

Many cryptocurrency projects out there do not really care where the nature demand for their tokens would come from. Lead Wallet and LEAD token are designed to grow together. More users for the services would mean more natural demand for the LEAD token as well

Token Distribution

The team only gets 15% of the total token distribution as we do not want this project to enrich the select few. We believe that the community deserves to get the most out of our project. Please take a look at the chart below to see how we are going to distribute the tokens: